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Always more employees suffer from at least one chronic condition (e.g. hypertension or diabetes). A growing percentage even have 2 or more. As a consequence, employees are always more on sick leaves or spend times at work researching for health solutions and treatments

As 30% of people cannot pay for healthcare anymore, many of your employees consult less frequently and often when it is already very late. Employees are therefore left with a worsening health. Also, most employees don’t fully understand the complication of the healthcare system. Managing their problem takes time, concentration and efforts away from your company. Employees can also become easy targets for many players. Insurance denials, overtreatment, errors in billing are common problems faced by them. HR teams are often overwhelmed by the management of employees’ health issues, too. All these problems are a risk for your productivity and your costs.

Our patient navigation is THE solution to improve medical outcomes, create significant savings and increase employee satisfaction. Good medicine is not necessarily expensive! We achieve important results by improving efficiency, fighting avoidable costs like prescription of lab tests or treatments that wouldn’t bring an advantage to the patient, utilization of ER and hospital stays if they are avoidable. At the same time, we improve medical outcomes and patient experience by focusing on treatments that are really necessary, while sending your employees to the best physicians in their network. We also take care of insurance coverage denials and excessive billing.

We take the burden of healthcare away from your employees and your HR department! We guide them through the confusion of the healthcare system so that they can stay focused on their jobs. With us, your employees will save out-of-pocket expenses and you will save even more. Research shows that patient navigation can save employers like you millions.

Advantages for your company

Increase your team productivity & create more loyalty! When was the last time one of your employees lost half a day trying to resolve a billing error, getting his medical record sent, or scheduling a consultation with a specialist in a reasonable timeframe? There is no need to tell you that this doesn’t help the concentration on the job or the productivity of your teams. We allow them to focus on their job. We take care of all their medical issues while reducing their stress, which is known as one of the highest risks to create additional costs for the employer.

Reduce modifiable health risk factors linked to more than 20% of employer-employee health care costs. Preventing and identifying depression, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity & high stress is key to prevent major costs & sick leaves, while at the same time keeping your employees in better health and decreasing absenteeism.

For you, we fight with energy and appeal for unfair coverage denials. We also control bills and identify billing errors from providers (hospitals or physicians), reducing therefore costs for both the employer and the employees.

Advantages for your company
Advantages for HR Department

Advantages for your HR Department

We free your HR department from time-consuming efforts in a domain that is not their core activity. Do you sometimes feel that your HR staff is overwhelmed with employee health issues? We want to let them focus on what is key and what they know best: HR, not healthcare. If employees don’t understand their healthcare plan, they can call us, not your HR staff. They will get our specialized advice. We have over 25 years of experience of healthcare and our Founder and Manager, Dr. de Buren brings a sound knowledge of good, efficient and well-targeted medicine. We provide an optimized benefits administration because our core business is healthcare and we only do this. More than this, we act as a unique point of contact for all matters related to healthcare.

We help you keep your employees and attract the best ones: your turnover rate will decrease. Reaching this goal is a long and complex process that needs to be managed by specialists. In order to show your employees that you care about their health and the one of their relatives, we perform regular internal information about the different benefits offered. Many employees are often not aware of them, forget them or do not use them. To increase their participation is a key to the success of a patient navigation program. They have to feel that their employer (and especially their HR department) care about them and set them in contact with professionals, who can help them quickly, efficiently and with a core priority at heart: the patient’s interest first

Advantage for your employees

Your employees will have direct access to our experts by calling only ONE single number for a one-on-one support with a compassionate person able to focus on their problems and bring solutions. Our patient navigators will empower your employees in the difficult maze of the US healthcare system and will make them able to better utilize their benefits. We are improving employees psychology by saving them time, worry and money.

Improving medical outcomes: we coordinate the care of your employees but also of their families.  We provide:

  •  informed decision making by requesting a second opinion from experts working in the best hospitals in the US. If some of them are in a distant city we, telemedicine (consultation on a screen) is also offered
  •  chronic disease management and hospital monitoring
  • a strict screening of the tests and treatments proposed, which helps us to decrease the duplication of tests & medical errors
  • efficient utilization of healthcare systems

Reducing stress: studies show that stress is one of the top 10 contributors to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. We work with your employees on improving their health by :

  • reducing their stress,
  • educating them on healthcare issues
  • improving healthy behaviors

Helping on the administrative and financial sides: we assist your employees with insurance and claims issues as well as with billing problems. Up to 80% of medical bills have errors. We control them and get them corrected. By using our services employees’ confidentiality is guaranteed.

5 good reasons why your employees need patient navigation

  1. Patients typically keep in mind 10% of what a physician tells them during a consultation, even though it might be life-saving instructions:we prepare your employees and help them make the most of every contact with their physician. We teach them how to get and keep this vital information.
  2. Less than half of prescriptions are taken as directed causing 10% of all hospital admissions: we translate the explanations of the employees’ physician (often given with hard to understand medical words), prepare and train your employees to make the most of their (usually short) physician consultation. If needed, we search for alternative treatments. We also set easy reminders so that they don’t forget to take their pills.
  3. Up to 18% of hospital admissions may result in harm as a consequence of procedure, medication, hospital-acquired infections, diagnostic procedures and falls: we help your employees avoid hospital stays when possible, help them keep notes of decisions and provide a second opinion service in order to avoid overtreatment. We provide them with checklists to ensure that everybody in the medical team has the same level of information and we help with the team coordination.
  4. We are a patient navigation company founded and managed by a medical doctor: patient’s interest first is what guides our everyday action
  5. Many of your employees already suffer from a chronic condition: it is a time-bomb for the employers that needs to be addressed now

The value of our service

Gain time, money and employee satisfaction with us!

With DeBuren Group patient navigation services

Employees health: we know and work with honor rolls hospitals and world-class physicians in the USA selected by medical criteria only

Productivity: employees having health problems call us and we take care of everything

Increase in premium Costs: heavily reduced (up to 10 times)

Employee health: improved allowing less absenteeism

Increased employee loyalty and reduced turnover

HR department: efficient and focused

Without our patient navigation services

Employees health: Doctors & hospitals selected mainly by chance, web search or family/friend referrals, not based on medical criteria

Productivity: employees spending hours during working time to get coverage/appointment/error-free bills/reimbursement

Healthcare costs: increasing out of your control (up to 10% per year)

Employees health: not improving

Important turnover due to average benefits/benefits utilization

HR department: overwhelmed

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