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81% of patients wish to have a reference person to advise them on their care
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18% of hospital admissions may result in severe complications
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Finding the best physician

Finding a good physician is nearly impossible if you are not a physician yourself. Like in all human groups, a few physicians are excellent, many are OK and a small group is really bad. Of course, you want to go to the best physicians and we make it possible with our 25+ years of experience.

Among many other controls we perform, we check the medical background & qualification of the physician to treat your specific problem. We also ensure that the physician didn’t have any malpractice cases or lawsuits and license suspension in the past. If needed, we also restrict our choice to the in-network physicians of your insurance.

Patient reviews are important as they can highlight the relationship the physician was able to build with his patients but keep in mind that these usually do not say much about scientific qualifications.  Do not rely on referrals from friends or family members (they might have a condition totally different than yours), insurance company (they might send you to a bad but less-costly-for-them doctor) or even another physician (he might send you to his friend or to a physician paying him/giving him an advantage to do so who is actually not the best to treat you). Finding you the optimal physician is a complex, time-consuming process if you only keep in mind the sole important criteria: the patient’s interest (and only the patient’s interest).

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Finding the best hospital

Finding a good hospital is slightly easier than finding a good physician but important points have to be known. We only work with world-class hospitals, which represent only a relatively small number.

Some basic rules apply if you want to go the safe side, the first one being to aim for a teaching hospital when you have something serious, some hospitals are only good in certain specialties. It is also important to know that the best hospitals are not the most expensive but they will sometimes be in another state. In this case, a telemedicine consultation (via videoconference or in some cases by sending your medical record) can be the solution we recommend, at least in a first phase.


Telemedicine is also be a good possibility either for common medical conditions like headaches, light allergies, cuts or insect stings, colds and fever, among many others. Instead of waiting many days to get an appointment and then sometimes many hours in the waiting room, you can speak nearly immediately with your smartphone with a board-certified physician (usually within less than an hour 24/7).  The doctor can even get you a prescription or a refill. This solution is widely recognized for lowering your medical costs while keeping high medical quality.


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