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Experience with DeBuren Group following a 3rd medical opinion at Mayo Clinic and a 3rd hip surgery. We took care of Mrs. Fjeld after 2 failed surgeries. 

Hello Dr. de Buren,

I am recovering, I believe successfully. According to the plan made by my surgeon, I have 1-3 weeks more to go in the brace. Then I can commence physical therapy, and his goal is that I will be back to walking more or less normally by May 4. It has been a challenge to refrain from weight bearing for all this time, but for the most part, I have done so. No infection and not nearly as much pain as following the first 2 surgeries. 

I would like to provide you with some feedback on my experiences at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN.

Mayo staff were focused, considerate, clean, caring…from the initial Covid test in their lab, to the intake, pre-op, anesthesia, post-op, and in-patient recovery period, all was really perfect.  Dr. Sierra and Dr. Tibbo, the 2 ortho surgeons, had done the assessments needed and were clearly decided that the surgery they could do would repair my abductor, eliminate the pain and the limp and restore a lot of the function of my left leg. Once they had initiated the surgery, they said the degree of damage was even more severe than they’d anticipated–about 70% of one or some of the muscles were disconnected from bone.

Post-op, Mayo has been very responsive if/when I had a question or concern. My left leg is still longer than the right, due to the previous surgeries which had unacceptable outcomes, but the difference in lengths is less now, which is what Dr. Sierra predicted would happen once he repaired the abductor, so the outcome so far seems good. I will meet with him on Zoom on Feb 24, and then he will either lift the precautions or extend them for another week or 2. Thereafter, he said he’d be telling me what I can start doing and he expects that about 4 weeks later, he’ll see me again in Mayo.  Both he and Dr. Tibbo were clear and direct with me post-op, told me clearly what to do and what to avoid, gave me clear precautions written in a format that was very easy to understand, and did prescribe baby aspirin plus pain meds. They did explain the surgery quite well, showed me photos of what they encountered (I asked to see them), and explained what they did.

I was given access to the report through my patient portal, and on the 2 occasions when I had questions and posted them on the portal, they posted answers in under 2 hours, which I thought was phenomenal.  The support staff were also very good. They came to my room several times to demonstrate walking without weight bearing, how to get into and out of bed while maintaining the abductor and gluteus muscles in neutral on the operated leg, how to sleep to avoid abducting and maintain the requisite angels of hip and leg, etc.  They were also very considerate about organizing transportation to the airport with a medical transport vehicle, and did all that was needed to get the clinical notes over to the transition and rehab facility, St. David’s, in Austin, TX, so that I could be checked in easily, and where I would spend the next 2 weeks.

Getting into and out of Rochester went well. From the medical transport I was lifted into a wheelchair, then transported to the plane. First flight was to Denver, and second flight was to Austin. In Austin, a wheelchair was waiting when the plane landed, took me to luggage claim area, and medical transport met me there as planned and drove me to the St. David’s rehab center.  Fortunately when I was there, snow wasn’t too bad so that departing Rochester on January 15 wasn’t a problem; perhaps a “plan b” should have been contemplated in case it became necessary to get me out of Rochester and up to Minneapolis in case Rochester were snowed in, but this didn’t happen.

The overall Mayo experience was like night and day different from the medical and personal care I received with the previous surgery that was done in May 2019 in Austin and also different from the experience I had trying to get help in Houston. I am extremely grateful to you for guiding me to Mayo and to the international division there for leading me to Dr. Sierra and his team in orthopedics.

Kind regards,

Carla Fjeld

Austin, Texas

Experience with DeBuren Group following numerous medical opinions and failed treatments for migraines.

I have been suffering from daily headaches since 2016. I have been to several neurologists in Miami who prescribed multiple treatments but unfortunately the problem was never solved. I contacted DeBuren Group a few months back and doctor de Buren suggested that with his help we could find a doctor that specializes in headaches (and not just any neurologist). Up until that moment, I did not even know that there was a distinct difference between a general neurologist and a neurologist who specializes in headaches.

My case was quite complicated, with no clear diagnosis so far and therefore Dr. de Buren managed to find me the best specialist in the East coast after carefully examining her profile and her expertise. DeBuren Group took care of everything. I did not have to exchange a single email with the hospital or the doctor. They booked my appointment, provided my medical history, informed me on fees and kept track on the financials. More importantly, Dr. de Buren accompanied me to my appointment, which was a big reassurance because he helped me organize my medical history and the questions I had for the doctor. Since these appointments last for a limited time and also due to the fact that every single minute spent with the doctor will be charged, it’s important to arrive well prepared. Also more importantly, as a doctor he was able to raise the appropriate questions and help me organize my thoughts even after the appointment.

Living with daily headaches it’s not fun. After years of trying to find a solution I am confident that at least now I am at the right medical center with the right doctor. The treatment so far has improved the quality of my life and for this I can not be more grateful. If it wasn’t for Dr. de Buren, I would never have found the right specialist in the whole country and I would never have decided to check a doctor in a different state. I would have been too overwhelmed by the process and basically afraid that the hospital would rip me off. With Dr de Buren by my side I was sure that first, I would not have to do unnecessary exams and second, I would be seeing the best specialist. In regards to costs, the fees were much less than I expected and moving forward I would need to do less doctor’s visits provided that the treatment will continue to benefit me. In Miami I had to visit the neurologist every month since the treatments were not working and on top I have spent quite a lot of money and effort in visiting other specialist (e.g ENT, allergist, dentist, eye doctor) to check what was the problem since nobody could give me a clear diagnosis. Going forward, I managed to make my next appointment with the doctor out of state, at a time which I would not even have to stay overnight and bear the hotel costs. Sometimes the most expensive option can be proven to be the least costly in the long run, not to mention the only option to ameliorate your life.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Corina. S.

Experience with DeBuren Group in Miami 

Después de meses de buscar respuestas a un problema recurrente, contactamos con el Dr. DeBuren quien hizo un trabajo muy profesional orientándo y acompañándonos en la búsqueda de la mejor opción de tratamiento. Finalmente pudimos resolverlo con su ayuda y prontitud a un precio inmejorable. Se puede apreciar en él y su equipo la seriedad y precisión suiza que hace que uno se sienta completamente en seguridad y bien respaldado.

Lilyan Stagni Kern

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