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Your health matters, so we are here to help and support you. We grant you access to the best healthcare and support you when it comes to medical bills and insurance issues. We are also compassionate and understand the stress you are experiencing.

If you or your employees suffer from a severe medical condition, you can’t leave the treatment and physician’s choice to chance or family referrals. With over 25 years of medical experience, we are world specialists, able to identify the most experienced hospitals to get the best treatment according to the latest science data. We will be with you before, during and after your treatment as long as you need it.


Services for Employers

Your company needs our patient navigation services if: 

  • Your employees spend their work time researching for their treatment
  • Your employees are not aware of the benefits they are entitled to
  • Your HR department is overwhelmed with sick employees

Services for individuals

You need us if:
  • You have been diagnosed with a severe condition and you feel confused by the healthcare system’s complexity
  • You can’t find your way in hospitals and the health insurance system
  • You need a second (or maybe even a third) opinion
  • You don’t understand the words your doctor is using
  • You need someone to come with you to the doctor’s office or to accompany you in the hospital  but you have no family member who would know how to deal with these problems (or has the time and willingness to do it)
  • You need someone looking at the big picture, coordinating your care between different specialists and getting the answers to your questions that you deserve
  • Your insurance denies coverage or you don’t know which insurance plan to choose
  • You receive undue medical bills that need to be negotiated
Over 25 year of medical experience allows us to identify excellent doctors in the best hospitals. Some of the hospitals we know provide up to a double rate of success compared to others.

Medical issues can be stressful.
We’re focused on getting you what YOU deserve so you can relax.

We are fully independent from insurance companies, hospitals and physicians. Our only interest is your health (or the one of your employees)

We fight for your health and protect you

Our role is to discuss the goal and real added-value of every step you’ve been advised to follow.

We protect you from:

  • Overtreatment. Your physicians might be under financial pressure by hospitals, practice managers, or pharmaceutical companies, which might not be guided by the your best interest. They might practice defensive medicine to protect themselves against lawsuit for malpractice (by prescribing, for instance, unnecessary tests and exams) or be paid more if they do more (always the case except in some rare very ethical clinics like Mayo Clinics, see ref. 1).
  • Medical errors. Nearly half of patients discharged from hospital  experience at least one medical error (in medication continuity, diagnostic workup, or test follow-ups). These errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, killing hundreds of thousands and costing $20 billion every year, see ref. 2
  • Problems with prescriptions. Less than half of prescriptions are taken as directed causing 10% of all hospital admissions, see ref. 3
  • Insurance abusive denials of coverage
  • Abusive bills

We provide you with:

  • 2nd medical opinion: If you suffer from a severe medical condition, you can’t leave the treatment and physician’s choice to chance or family referrals. You need a professional able to identify a team of experienced high-quality medical specialists who will evaluate your case. We will find this team and we will do it according to the latest science data
  • Care Coordination: we act like a control tower of your treatment
  • Insurance and billing issue support: we fight for your right to get your benefits the way you should

Why hire us?

2000+ patients trusted us with success. Research shows that involved and informed patients have better medical outcomes.

We can save you money but we might even save your life (or the ones of your employees) by ensuring you see the right doctors and get the best treatments.

Please note that we do not offer some services:

  • No direct medical care. We do not treat you, diagnose or prescribe medication ourselves. This is the done by your doctor.
  • No legal advice or litigation. This is done by your lawyer.
  • No decisions made for you. Our role is to support you, inform you and help you make the best informed decisions

What Our Patients Are Saying

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