Our Difference

You talk to a real medical doctor

Our team is led by a medical doctor with over 25 years of experience, not by a nurse or someone outside of the medical field.

conflict-free relationship with physician

We select only top doctors for you

By specializing in only one field, the doctors we find you have accumulated an incredible amount of experience and treat your case by leveraging it accordingly.

We have a lot of experience

With more than 3000 individual patients as happy customers, we know what is important and what is secondary while organizing your treatment and coordinating your care to the best of your interest.

We have a lot of experience
We love communicating with you

We love communicating with you

Because medicine is complex, we take time to inform you, rephrase and explain what the expert told you as well as informing you about what to expect of our services.

The value of our service

Gain time, money and years of life with us!

With DeBuren Group patient advocacy services

World-class doctors & hospitals – we work with honor roll hospitals and top-tier physicians in the US selected by medical criteria only

Decades of experience in healthcare correcting providers, insurance and billing department mistakes as our daily business

Peace of mind – call us in case of health problems and we take care of everything

Let us help you fight high costs and overcharges

Intercultural support if you are not familiar with the US healthcare system

Without our patient advocacy services

Your doctor & hospital will be selected by chance or reviews by patients (based on non-medical criteria) or family/friend referrals

Little to no experience in healthcare means it will be difficult to counter providers, insurance and billing department mistakes effectively

Major stress since you’ll be left on your own with potentially life-changing medical events with few solutions

Overwhelming costs and risk of personal bankruptcy

Cultural shock if you are not familiar with the US healthcare system

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Best US clinics selected for you by a Medical Doctor

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We are cautious and always go the safe way

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We take care of you from A to Z

Contact us today for a free estimate of your case. It is easy and we provide you with a Medical Doctor to discuss your best options.