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5 good reasons why you need a patient navigator

  1. Patients typically keep in mind 10% of what a physician tells them during a consultation, even though it might be life-saving instructions:we prepare your employees and help them make the most of every contact with their physician. We teach them how to get and keep this vital information.
  2. Less than half of prescriptions are taken as directed, causing 10% of all hospital admissions: we translate the explanations of the employees’ physician (often given with hard to understand medical words), prepare and train your employees to make the most of their (usually short) physician consultation. If needed, we search for alternative treatments. We also set easy reminders so that they don’t forget to take their pills.
  3. Up to 18% of hospital admissions may result in harm as a consequence of procedure, medication, hospital-acquired infections, diagnostic procedures and falls: we help you avoid hospital stays when possible, help you keep notes of decisions and provide a second opinion service in order to avoid overtreatment. We provide them with checklists to ensure that everybody in the medical team has the same level of information, and we help with the team coordination.
  4. We are a patient navigation company founded and managed by a medical doctor: patient’s interest first is what guides our everyday action

We Help You with Physicians & Hospitals

If you’re wondering how we work to get you the best treatment possible, the answer is in our process. This reduces the risk of preventable negative events, overtreatment and the all-too-common occurrence of being administered (and charged for) unnecessary tests.

Here’s how we do it:
1 – We gather all of your medical files, preventing duplicate tests and unnecessary treatments
2 – We help you choose the right physician based on your medical history and your current condition according to medical criteria
3 – We help you get a second opinion (sometimes in honor roll hospitals or by telemedicine)
4 – We help coordinate your care between different specialists and hospitals
5 – We help you interact with your physician, ensuring everything he or she says and prescribes is clearly understood by you (and that no alternative could offer a better or more affordable outcome)
6 – We help you make difficult medical decisions by finding out the chances of success of every alternative and we coordinate the treatment between the different physicians, nurses and other medical professionals involved to prevent miscommunication

Help Insurances & Billing

We Help with Insurance Issues & Billing Problems

Unfortunately, insurance issues and billing errors exist. 

We fight for your rights. We direct you to specialists helping you to choose good insurance plans, we help you to dispute and even appeal potential insurance issues (especially in the case of coverage denials) and make sure payments are sent to you on time and according to the benefits you’re entitled to.

We also provide bill controls & bill negotiations. Since we know the laws, and we know what to say to providers, we can fight for you to get an error-free bill. In many cases, we can even work with hospitals and physicians to reduce your bill.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Conflicts in healthcare often lead to high costs plus long and painful legal procesures with questionable outcomes. 

We specialize in conflict resolution between physicians and patients to save you time (and money) and find quick solutions that can avoid further problems. We do this with physicians, hospitals and also with members of your own family, if necessary. We are here for you.

Help Insurances & Billing
Practical advice

Practical Advice

We empower you with whatever knowledge and resources you need to build your confidence and to improve your understanding of the complicated U.S. healthcare system.

Finding experts abroad

Physicians can be found in every developed country. Finding experts is easier said than done. Especially if you have a rare disease.

Fortunately, we’ve been organizing treatments for patients for years, every day of the year going to a physician we’ve recommended. We also understand the added element of having to seek treatment from a doctor when you are concerned by a life-threatening or a chronic disease. With years of experience and thousands of patients accompanied, we will find you the hospital and physician best adapted to your condition among the best honor roll hospitals.

traveling for healthcare

3 good reasons to get helped by a DeBuren Group patient navigator

We are a team dedicated to ensure that:

  1. You get fully informed of all the aspects of your condition in words that you can understand easily. You therefore make a decision based on your interests and choices
  2. You gain time as your care is coordinated between all physicians and other stakeholders of your treatment and a clear communication is maintained between them
  3. Members of your family are not overwhelmed by your disease. They are able to share their concerns and receive the help they need

With DeBuren Group patient navigation services

World-class doctors & hospitals – we work with honor roll hospitals and top-tier physicians in the US selected by medical criteria only

Decades of experience in healthcare correcting providers, insurance and billing department mistakes as our daily business

Peace of mind – call us in case of health problems and we take care of everything

Let us help you fight high costs and overcharges

Intercultural support if you are not familiar with the US healthcare system

Without our patient navigation services

Your doctor & hospital will be selected by chance or reviews by patients (based on non-medical criteria) or family/friend referrals

Little to no experience in healthcare means it will be difficult to counter providers, insurance and billing department mistakes effectively

Major stress since you’ll be left on your own with potentially life-changing medical events with few solutions

Overwhelming costs and risk of personal bankruptcy

Cultural shock if you are not familiar with the US healthcare system

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